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Our Vision

We aim to provide a full range of the best quality nursing and personal care staff to our clients and establish ourselves as the benchmark for excellence in service, care, and integrity.

Our Core Business Values

  • Accountability

  • Transparent ethical responsible practices

  • Partnership -Linking and working with others

  • Ensure highest standard of care to our clients with dignity and compassion

To ensure a professional image is maintained with a commitment to continuous quality Improvements through orientation and education of staff

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Our Services

We aim to provide immediate service, which creates client satisfaction and enthusiasm in the workplace. This immediacy stimulates motivation amongst our nurses, hospital administration and the wards.
QMNS staff members are experienced, reliable, and provide outstanding service. They will help enable our clients to operate more efficiently and ensure happier staff relations.
QMNS senior management is always available to provide direction and motivation and reinforce a positive working attitude in our nurses. We offer a personalised service and can be contacted 24 hours, 7 days a week.
QMNS administration is fully computerised, assuring reliability and accuracy of records.

The QMNS team

Our staff will be employed under professional employment practices and all required checks adhered to including coverage for workers compensation, professional Indemnity and the payment of superannuation guarantee levy.
We provide continuous training and education to our staff to ensure that they are kept up to date on best practices. We also encourage our nurses to communicate any difficulties they may experience in any aspect of Agency work at any time to resolve issues they may have. This is part of our ongoing commitment to keep our staff motivated.  We provide 24 hour staff support.
By showing this commitment to our staff, QMNS clients’ benefit by knowing the staff provided will be the best available.

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